I googled that French term and it came up that it was the "true lover's knot" in English (if it is the knot). wiki on the true lover's knot en(.)wikipedia(.)org/wiki/True_lover's_knot "it was once common for sailors' wedding rings, where gold wire was wrought to incorporate the "true lovers" knot such that resultant ring would comprise two tori: each flexible to move about the other; yet nevertheless inseparable" because they were separated from their love


True lover’s knot

To summarize:



Louis has a rope in his right wrist, while Harry has an anchor in his left wrist. They’re proportional, and they are located in the same spot, so when Harry and Louis hold their hands, the tattoos line up perfectly, and complete each other.

Louis wrote these lyrics: “My hands, your hands tied up like two ships. Drifting weightless. Waves try to break it. I’d do anything to save it.”

Well, if it was not enough, it turned out (bless kuusu ) that Louis’ rope might be, in fact a “lac d’amour”



From the same page (thanks to intenselouis for the translation) “The name of this knot comes from the Latin meaning laqueus cord, lace, is in a heraldry dictionary representation of love, the plighted faith of the indissoluble friendship …”

And “The lac d’amour also has other functions. This tool is also used to mesure and to trace trajectories. This knot, when tied to two posts, was also used as a compass.”

A compass!

Then godirhlutirgerasthaeg found this

They are often interpreted as marriage knots.

And as anon tell us, they were common for sailors’ wedding rings.




edit to add a message from an anon “..louis’ rope is not a lac d’amour bc if you look closely to the tat you’ll see it’s not a knot but a false knot making the infinity symbol, while the lac is an actual knot..”

So, they have  the same form, but louis’ rope is a false knot. I’m sure those two have a reason for that too (it can’t be an actual knot because he needs Harry’s anchor too be tied)


the paris interview fucked any chance we had of another solo lourry interview but it was worth it


"you two are so cute together"

"I figured"


"that’s beautiful harry"


hey it’s that weird kid who thinks he’s a penguin.

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